Candidate Recruiting and Selection Processes

We are driven by THREE basic factors when looking for new talent within Adaptive IT Staffing:

  • Time-to-fill

  • Diversity of candidate pool

  • Candidate expertise and quality

We consider those factors and use our tools and methodologies to produce great results quickly.


  • Engage client
  • Develop client-specific chech-list
  • Built position description and/or project specifics
  • Establish client-specific search metodology
  • Internal Search
  • 20,000+ candidates in ATS
  • Using Current Candidate Pipelining (CCP)
  • Own network of trusted experts
  • Intelligent online sourcing utilizing Social Media
  • Passive candidate sourcing
  • Professional groups/forums
  • Job boards
  • Background/reference checks
  • In-person and online administered technical tests
  • Personal and cultural fit assessment
  • Candidate short-list preparation
  • Provide client with resumes and detailed skills report
  • Coordinate interviews
  • Receive feedback
  • Present offer
  • Contract negotiations
  • Orientation